11 October 2014

League of Legends Summoner Name Change

We see all kinds of summoner names in LoL and every summoner will have a unique story for why they chose that specific name. I am gonna share my little story here about what made me choose my new summoner name: Quake (Thanks Riot for enabling name change with IP).

21 September 2014

Highest Score in Ascension Mode

I have been playing the Ascension mode like crazy for 3 days. Every minute of free time I have in routine, I am giving it to the Ascension mode in League of Legends.

17 September 2014

Unlocking the Mage Icon

It's been quite some time since the Team Builder was released but it hit the Garena server just recently. When I tried my first game on the mode with Diana it showed my progress towards unlocking the mage icon as 1 out of 5. So, I completed 5 games as a mage champ one after another and unlocked the mage icon.

Nailing it in Ascension mode with Captain Teemo

Hey! Long time no see. I was away from the game busy with my full time job. When life started sucking hard, I took refuge with the game again. So, here I am playing LOL again trying to be Gold before the season ends. My ELO has decayed from Silver 1 to Silver 3 and playing through these stages all over again sucks big time. But I am gonna try anyway. So, what's going on right now in League is the release of two champs one after another, first one was Gnar and now its Azir, the Emperor of the Sands. Before his release a new sandy mode has been enabled (marketing you know and Riot does it best) and here's my first game from the mode. 

23 February 2014

Witnessing the First Hexakill

Hey Summoners, hows you doing on the Fields of Justice? In this post I am gonna talk about the newly released Hexakill mode. This mode like the previous experimental modes like 'One for All' and 'Snowdown Showdown' is available temporarily in the month of February. I have played only 2 games so far and in the second game I witnessed the hexakill. It comes from the champion I believe is most capable of doing so, Master Yi.

6 February 2014

Hitting Gold in Season 4

Hey Summoners! As you know from my previous post that I ended up in Silver division. I finally came out of the Bronze division on the exciting last day of Season 3. Since the last season's ending, a lot has happened already. After some time in pre-season and with tons of changes, Season 4 has arrived in League of Legends. Some of the biggest changes are nerfs and buffs to champions, item changes and new items especially Gold income and Jungle items and introduction of new vision control items named Trinklets.