4 May 2013

ARAM League of Legends

Teemo Rocks all LOL Modes

aram league of legends - teemo

ARAM stands for All Random All Mid. So, just playing first game you understand why it is named so, everyone gets a random champion and everyone goes mid. As you can see, i got teemo selected for me at random and i lead my team to victory. Sometimes, you get a weak champion which you never used before. So, that's also cool in a way that you get to play and learn using a new champion.

3 May 2013

Playing LOL after months with Teemo

Captain Teemo on Duty!

teemo - league of legends india screenshot

It's been months since i played League of Legends. After so many months i get to play one game. Thought with so many updates to game and staying away from game will make me a bad player but it was actually not bad at all. I got the highest number of kills and assists in the game. Not only this, I was also given a lot of pain by my 300 to 400 ping on the Garena server.