30 July 2013

First Time Nasus in ARAM

First time Nasus in League of Legends - lol-india
First time Nasus in League of Legends
So, recently there was a sale for a Nasus skin, the Galactic Nasus on SEA server and i had a lot of IP to purchase some champions. So, i thought lets try Nasus and if I find it good I'll buy the skin. I got into an ARAM match and one of my teammates had Nasus, i traded with him and got him to play. Well, I played with Attack Damage runes and Tank masteries.

21 July 2013

Teemo ARAM Full Game video

So, i thought of recording some of my games and here's the first video with Teemo. I play AP Teemo with the recommended build in Howling Abyss map. AP Teemo is recommended for ARAM games. In fact many other champs will do better as AP than AD in ARAM like Master Yi.