30 July 2013

First Time Nasus in ARAM

First time Nasus in League of Legends - lol-india
First time Nasus in League of Legends
So, recently there was a sale for a Nasus skin, the Galactic Nasus on SEA server and i had a lot of IP to purchase some champions. So, i thought lets try Nasus and if I find it good I'll buy the skin. I got into an ARAM match and one of my teammates had Nasus, i traded with him and got him to play. Well, I played with Attack Damage runes and Tank masteries.
I build all the recommended items and didn't try anything different. Well, I got a match with 62 assists. Don't remember last time i got so many assists. Got some kills and sadly a lot of deaths too. Still that match was enough to make me buy the skin. Now, i am playing him as Top or Jungler in normal games. I love how the damage increase on his Q is limitless. Thanks for reading the post summoners. See you later.

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