22 January 2015

Moving Back to NA from Garena

It's been more than 2 years since I started playing on Garena server. One of the complaints people do here is everything comes late to this server as compared to American and European servers like new patches, skins, etc. I don't mind that but the lag and disconnect issues have bothered me a lot. I used to get higher pings from time to time but from last 3 or so months, the ping has gone consistently high and I am unable to play.
I installed the WTFast software for the past month and was able to play without any trouble. As it's trial period has come to end, I can no longer play on Garena. This is probably a problem with my ISP (BSNL) only but anyways I cannot play on Singapore/Malaysia server anymore. So, I am switching back to NA now. In case I need to switch to any other server, I would be able to do that from the PVP client. Unlike Garena, I won't have to download the full game again. Here's my journey starting back to the NA server:
Moving to NA from Garena

As it's also the time for the start of a new season so Riot has given mystery gifts to all its summoners who recieved no chat restrictions or bans in the past season. I received this gift yesterday on SEA server and it's awesome Heimerdinger skin. So sad, I probably won't never use it. Look how cool it is, full of swag. Bye Bye Heimy and Garena.
Piltover Customs Heimerdinger


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    1. Not playing currently. Will catch up with you when I start playing again.

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    1. Took break from League around 10 months ago. Haven't returned still.

    2. Haha. What do you think, should I play in sea or euw server. The sea is okay-ish, the community is really toxic. And euw don't know much, as I am level 13 over there, but up till this moment it is a really good experience.

    3. Play on SEA if you don't experience dc/lag issues. You will also find most number of Indians in this server.