16 June 2013

Twisted Fate in ARAM League of Legends

Twisted Fate Aram League of Legends
Twisted Fate in ARAM - League of Legends
That game was an awesome one with tf in the Howling Abyss Map. I got the highest 25 kills and got two times 'Triple Kills' with Twisted Fate. I started my game with mana and mana regen items. I didn't wanna run out of mana and not to be able to use my abilities. And i didnt run out of mana throughout the game and got more than 700 ability power by the end game.

I had AP runes and AP set of masteries. I have been winning a lot of ARAM games recently with champions like Ryze, Graves and Nami that i never played before. ARAM is very addicting but helps to try new champs and master them. For all the tf( Twisted Fate ) fans here's something worth checking out- League of Legends Hero Twisted Fate Hoodie. Thanks for reading my post summoners. Luck for your games.


  1. Yesterday i played aaram game with Lux champion check my image its will shocked you

    Image Link : http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/1493/2yg3.jpg