11 October 2014

League of Legends Summoner Name Change

We see all kinds of summoner names in LoL and every summoner will have a unique story for why they chose that specific name. I am gonna share my little story here about what made me choose my new summoner name: Quake (Thanks Riot for enabling name change with IP).

Here goes... Well my first name was inspired from my religion and nothing was wrong in it unless people start flaming on you and your summoner name is mentioned in the chat along with curse words. I don't care about those flamers because most of the flamers are actually noob themselves but I didn't like all those bad words used around my name so I had to change it. "I'll prefer to be a friendly noob than a toxic pro" - Quake 2014.

The Hunt is On

My preferred role is mid AP Carry but all the people in Bronze calling for mid made me become a Support main instead. Good that I can spam my favorite Morgana anyways. As my favorite champions are mage type, I decided to go for a name that relates to magic: Necromancer, TheWizard, etc. were my first choices. After trying a lot of magical names I couldn't find a single one that was free. So, I decided to change my route and switched to reptile names specifically snakes. Something like Viper, Python, Cobra sounds cool but damn! can't get any of them again. Now, I looked at the natural disasters like Typhoon, Cyclone, etc. and you guessed it right, can't find any name free again. Looking at the disasters I saw that Earthquake can be a good potential name and will look good while playing some champs like Rammus, Malphite, Nautilus, etc. but Earthquake as a summoner name is not that great. Finally, I decided to trim to Quake and yay!!! it was available. So, here it is, my summoner name Quake and why I took it.

On a side note: Good Luck to top Silvers trying to reach Gold by the end of this season. Luckily, I was able to climb it just in time.

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