11 November 2013

Best way to end Season 3

Woah! On last day of Season 3, I am in Silver division. Finally after a lot of bad and good games i made it to silver. No big deal? Yeah right but for me maybe it is. I was like stuck forever in Bronze division. There are no real games even. You got troll in your team, your team loses. Enemy team got troll you win. Hardly see a fun and exciting 5 versus 5 match in Bronze division. I played all my matches in solo queue, maybe that increases the probability of getting trolls even more.

23 September 2013

Best ARAM Game ever - Viktor Champion

Best ARAM Game ever
Best ARAM Game ever
Alright, here's something i should have posted long time ago. A rarely seen Champion, Viktor. I don't remember if i played him earlier or not, maybe i did long time ago. But this time i got him in ARAM and he rocked the game. I had no deaths in the game.

Best Time in League of Legends - Winning Spree

 Winning Spree in League of Legends - lol-india
Winning Spree in League of Legends
One of the best things that happen in League of Legends is when you open your Match History and see that it's full of victories. This screenshot is from the time it happened with me for the very first time. Amazingly when it happened i used all different champs.

30 July 2013

First Time Nasus in ARAM

First time Nasus in League of Legends - lol-india
First time Nasus in League of Legends
So, recently there was a sale for a Nasus skin, the Galactic Nasus on SEA server and i had a lot of IP to purchase some champions. So, i thought lets try Nasus and if I find it good I'll buy the skin. I got into an ARAM match and one of my teammates had Nasus, i traded with him and got him to play. Well, I played with Attack Damage runes and Tank masteries.

21 July 2013

Teemo ARAM Full Game video

So, i thought of recording some of my games and here's the first video with Teemo. I play AP Teemo with the recommended build in Howling Abyss map. AP Teemo is recommended for ARAM games. In fact many other champs will do better as AP than AD in ARAM like Master Yi.

16 June 2013

Twisted Fate in ARAM League of Legends

Twisted Fate Aram League of Legends
Twisted Fate in ARAM - League of Legends
That game was an awesome one with tf in the Howling Abyss Map. I got the highest 25 kills and got two times 'Triple Kills' with Twisted Fate. I started my game with mana and mana regen items. I didn't wanna run out of mana and not to be able to use my abilities. And i didnt run out of mana throughout the game and got more than 700 ability power by the end game.

4 May 2013

ARAM League of Legends

Teemo Rocks all LOL Modes

aram league of legends - teemo

ARAM stands for All Random All Mid. So, just playing first game you understand why it is named so, everyone gets a random champion and everyone goes mid. As you can see, i got teemo selected for me at random and i lead my team to victory. Sometimes, you get a weak champion which you never used before. So, that's also cool in a way that you get to play and learn using a new champion.

3 May 2013

Playing LOL after months with Teemo

Captain Teemo on Duty!

teemo - league of legends india screenshot

It's been months since i played League of Legends. After so many months i get to play one game. Thought with so many updates to game and staying away from game will make me a bad player but it was actually not bad at all. I got the highest number of kills and assists in the game. Not only this, I was also given a lot of pain by my 300 to 400 ping on the Garena server.

3 January 2013

Morgana - Binding You With Dark Energy

Morgana Best Match in League of Legends

I leveled up to Level 30 today and here's my first match at level 30. It was really awesome. I got 10 kills but no deaths and did a great assist to my team. Alright, Morgana is my new favorite and i play her almost all the time. At least until I get AD and Defensive runes for AD Carry and Tank champions. My former favorites were Alistar, Volibear, Twisted Fate and Teemo. From these, I only play Teemo now and hardly use the others.