3 May 2013

Playing LOL after months with Teemo

Captain Teemo on Duty!

teemo - league of legends india screenshot

It's been months since i played League of Legends. After so many months i get to play one game. Thought with so many updates to game and staying away from game will make me a bad player but it was actually not bad at all. I got the highest number of kills and assists in the game. Not only this, I was also given a lot of pain by my 300 to 400 ping on the Garena server.

Also my fps continued to drop to 24 every now and then. I saw that one of our team players left the game in between and we were like 4 on 5 but still we managed to grab the victory. So, it was not easy but a great game by the end. And also i got a new awesome Super Thick Teemo Skin Mousepad from Amazon.com. Go check it out and have one for yourself. It's made for gaming purposes only. More blog posts coming soon. Add me on Garena server as khalsa13. Good Bye summoners.