21 September 2014

Highest Score in Ascension Mode

I have been playing the Ascension mode like crazy for 3 days. Every minute of free time I have in routine, I am giving it to the Ascension mode in League of Legends.

I wanna talk about a particular game where I played Master Yi. A fed Yi is completely unstoppable and when you don't have enough crowd control you cannot much against him. In my last game, I went on completely owning the enemy team with the Chosen Master Yi.

Getting Ascended over and over:

I was able to control the giant Xerath throughout the game. Master Yi was the only champion to ascend throughout the game and he ascended for a total of 7 times. Most of the times I went for 1v1 against the Ascend but some times I had to steal it away from the enemies by Alpha striking in. Getting all the ascensions throughout the game feels great and we completely washed away the enemy team. My score by the end of the game was 93, the highest I ever had in this mode. My stats on the champion were 24-11-19. Here are the screenshots:

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