7 July 2016

Top 5 League of Legends Skins

Going through all the champion skins and various features that Riot has provided for these skins, this is the list of best 5 champion skins ever made. Looking at the favorite skins that I have selected, seems like these are also the skins that Riot has invested most time and resources into. Let's jump into the list:

5. Pool Party Renekton

Pool Party Renekton

Choosing 5 skins out of the entire pool of skins made for League champs makes all 5 a winner, but unfortunately they have to be arranged in an order and I had to keep poor Renekton at the bottom. :(

4. Dunkmaster Darius

Dunkmaster Darius

Surprisingly many people prefer other skins of Darius over this one but it is their choice and I am no one to interfere into their opinion. However, I must say that Riot has put in a lot of work and gave their Darius main fans exactly what they were looking for!

3. Spirit Guard Udyr

Spirit Guard Udyr

I believe this is the skin that initiated the process of having super cool skins in League of Legends. Udyr and his skin seems to have lost in time with all the new champs and new skins arriving on scene. But I will give the due credit to this skin and keep it at number 3.

2. DJ Sona

DJ Sona

Almost put her on number one. The music associated with this skin is so amazing that people who do not even play the game are fans of this skin's music on YouTube. Complete makeover of Sona with some damn sick beats makes her the runner up for the best skin made so far in LOL.

1. Dragon Trainer Tristana

Dragon Trainer Tristana

Holy Smokes! What has Riot created? This skin fits perfectly into the look and feel of Summoner's Rift and clearly is the best creation of Riot so far. Undoubtedly the best looking skin with best dance and the saddest death scene; Rito Games has indeed set the bar higher for the skins they create with Dragon Trainer Tristana.

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